Technical Performance

Techical Performance of SSK Moduler Switches.

Technical Performance of SSK Moduler Switches in Comparision with the required specification of ISS Comforming to IS : 3854 : 1997 (ISI Mark) (Tests Conducted at our highly sophisiticated Lab)


Switches are in accordance with IS 3854 : 1997 Specification. The integral design of terminals & contacts make the switch capable of withstanding high overload conditions. There is a sufficient clearance (of 5mm) between fixed and moving contacts to break the arc, during switch operation.


Switches are in compliance with IS 1293 : 2005 Specification. Sockets incorporate safety shutters in them. The main advantages are safety. Until the earth pin of a plug is inserted into the sockets activated end of other holes (neutral/phase) remains concealed with shutters thus making it shock proof and child safe.