Who We Are


The oldest manufacturer of electrical switches, SSK offers a comprehensive range of electrical switches, MCB’s, Db’s, LED’s, Switchgears, Wire and Cables and Electrical Enclosure Systems. Out of our huge range of products our customers can pickup any product with confidence that they have purchased the best. We have always been proud Indians and we know that our products cannot be matched by quality or aesthetics.

Our History

1935 to 2022
87 Years Of Electrical Excellence.

We are the first company that produced an electrical switch on the soil of India in 1935 with a firm determination that we are second to none. A super high quality range of products was launched in competition with the imported switches which were the only ones available then. In the last 86 years our products have satisfied uncountable number of customers. Continuing our tradition of quality, research and development and our dedication in producing exclusive and high quality products. We now present a large range of modular switches with original designs with no parallel.

Our Philosophy

Seeking, searching, striving.
Always evolving, always growing.
Never Satisfied with the way things are.
Focusing on quality with a religious fervour.
Setting standards, then surpassing them.
Upgrading processes continuously.
Developing new products through R&D.
Making them more and more user-friendly.
Expanding markets nationally and internationally.
Penetrating deeper into existing markets.
Ensuring the best of pre and after sales services.
Delighting customers and winning their confidence.
Creating brand equity, which is the envy of the entire industry.
Building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with business associates, clients and vendors.
Managing every resource optimally.
Generating adequate returns to propel future growth.
Setting in motion a momentum that is self-sustaining.
At SSK the pursuit of excellence is never-ending.

Manufacturing Equipments

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